Change in Technical Committee of IIA

After a period of 11 years, Luc Hagen (Luxemburg) has stopped to carry out his work for the International Indiaca Association. Luc Hagen started as member of Technical Committee in 2004 and became President of Technical Committee in 2008. The IIA thanks Luc Hagen for his effort that he put into his function in all these years and appoints him to honorary member of the IIA. The IIA wishes him all the best for the future.

On August 25th the General Assembly had thus to elect a new president for the Technical Committee. The Executive Committee proposed TC member Andrus Novoseltsev from Estonia as new president, for who the General Assembly voted unanimously. Andrus Novoseltsev will be an equal successor because of his longtime experience and his high level of commitment for the IIA.

An other election that was done in the General Assembly, was the election of a new member of TC. The decision was in favor of Einar Piir, also from Estonia, who the IIA warmly welcomes in the committee.