India has joined the IIA!

We are very happy to have a new member federation in the International Indiaca Association. The Indiaca Association of India (IAI) was affiliated by decision of the Executive Committee of the International Indiaca Association. We welcome the President Mr. Daya Chand Bhola and his Indiaca friends in India and are looking forward to a good cooperation in developing Indiaca worldwide and to friendly competitions and events all together!

Karlheinz Bührer, President International Indiaca Association (IIA)

In February 2020 the formation congress took place in the Hotel Sunrise in New Dehli. Mr. Daya Chand Bhola was elected as President of the Indiaca Association of India and wrote the following about the congress: More then 20 State’s representatives attended the meeting and many important points have been discussed for the promotion of Indiaca Sport in India.

formation congress of the Indiaca Association of India in New Dehli

Despite difficult conditions due to the corona pandemic, India has started playing Indiaca. Please have a look at the video:

Here you can see India’s first Indiaca team:

In November Daya Chand Bhola requested the Membership of the Indiaca Association of India (IAI) in the International Indiaca Association. The letter ends as following: Kindly consider our application and give chance to officially promote the Sport of Indiaca in India and Asia also. Your co-operation in this regard shall be highly appreciated. We assure you that we will make high standard of Indiaca Sport in India and Asia and produce good athletes and officials. Thanks with many regards.

Daya Chand Bhola wrote the follwing sentences for us: Under the banner of International Indiaca Association (IIA) the Sport of Indiaca has been introduced in India on 6th Feb. 2020 and Indiaca Association of India (IAI) also formed at the same day at Delhi (The Capital City of India).  Mr. Daya Chand Bhola the honorary President of Indiaca Association of India (IAI) who is the Senior Sports person in India (having 35 years of experience in various Sports) has launched the Indiaca Sport in the country. His main aims are to include Indiaca Sport in Indian School Games, University Games and Corporate Games and to get the recognition of National Olympic Committee and Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India.

He is working very hard to introduce Indiaca Sport in all 29 States and 7 Union Territories of India. Mr. Daya Chand Bhola has his strong roadmap to make Indiaca most popular Sport in India. He is also working to introduce the Indiaca in South Asian Regions and to the establishment of the South Asian Indiaca Association under the banner of IIA. 

The main yearly events of the Indiaca Association of India (IAI) will be as follows: 

  1. National Indiaca Beach Championship.
  2. National Junior & Senior Indiaca Championship. 
  3. National Inter School Indiaca Championship.
  4. National Indiaca College Championship. 
  5. National Indiaca Pro Leagues (Women & Men).
  6. National Workshop for Athletes and Officials.  

Daya Chand Bhola

President: Indiaca Association of India (IAI)   

Mob: +91 7503850120 / +91 9205206059