Open Junior World Cup Indiaca, 6.-8.08.2009, in Nõo Estonia

2nd Open Junior World Cup Indiaca will be held in Nõo / Estonia. Nõo is located close to Tartu City.

The deadlines in 2009 are:

Provisional registration: 5.3.
Definitive registration of delegation members and clubs: 5.5.
Game Plan: until 20.5
Nominative Registration of referees: 5.6.
Nominative Registration of players: 5.7.




Edition 2008
 A B B R E V I A T I O N S
IIA                  International Indiaca Association
EC                  Executive Committee of the IIA
TC                  Technical Committee of the IIA
NF                   National Federation
OJWCup        JuniorWorld Cup
OC                  Organising Committee



1.                  Organisation and Terminology
2.                  Right to participate
3.                  Allocation and dates of the Competitions
4.                  Conditions for participation. Age
5.                  Size of delegation
6.                  Entry procedures
7.                  Entry registration
8.                  Competitions format
9.                  System of the Competitions
10.              Duration and time-schedule
11.              Technical tasks
12.              Refereeing Corps
13.              Winner’s Title
14.              Cups
15.              Diplomas
16.              Score Sheets, Ranking Lists
17.              Responsibilities of the organiser
18.              Financial obligations
19.       Special regulations
1.                  Organisation and Terminology
According to decisions of the IIA Congress and on the base of the Statutes and Official Indiaca Rules of the IIA.
The Open Junior World Cup will take place in a year after Open World Cup and after World-Championship.
The Open Junior World Cup is a competition for Clubs.
2.                  Right to participate
All National Federations affiliated to the IIA are admitted to the Open Junior World Cup, provided that their financial obligations to the IIA are fulfilled.
The OJWCup for women, men and mixed teams will normally take place on same dates and in same venues. They may be organised as different events if special situations should occur.
National Federations decide, which Clubs will be represented in Junior World Cup.
Clubs coming from non-member countries of IIA may take part in Open Junior World Cups with a higher participant fee, see p.6. Only the two first registrated clubs from non-member countries will be allowed to take part in OJWCup.
3.                  Allocation and dates of the Competitions
The NFs will receive the official Application Form three years before the competitions. The EC-IIA selects the most suitable candidate after a thorough examination of the applicants. The choice and the decision will be presented to the NFs two years prior to the event.
The dates are set by EC-IIA in collaboration with the TC-IIA and OC.
4.                  Conditions for participation. Age
Number of Clubs´ teams per NF, number of players per team and ages are as follows:
Teams per country    Players per team                    Age
2 Men youth                10 players                               11 to 14 years
2 Women youth          10 players                                11 to 14 years
2 Mixed youth              10 players                                11 to 14 years
2 Men junior                10 players                               15 to 18 years
2 Women junior          10 players                                15 to 18 years
2 Mixed junior              10 players                                15 to 18 years
The players have the right to participate if they reach the determined age during the year of the competition.
It is only possible to participate in one age category.
One player can take part in two disciplines, either in Men and Mixed or in Women and Mixed.
Each team may have maximum two players of other clubs. Players are not allowed to play in different clubs during the tournament.
5.                  Size of delegation
Maximum size of a delegation is as follows:
Member                                 Number per team      Number per delegation
Head of delegation                             –                                         1
Club´s team leader                           1                                       12
Coach                                                   1                                       12
Players                                                10                                     120
Doctor                                                   –                                         1
Total maximum number of the members of the delegation:       146
Each delegation has to bring at least one own referee with the IIA certificate at the OWCup disposal.
The number of the referees will depend on the number of teams of each federation as follows:
1-2 teams: at least 1 referee
3-4 teams: at least 2 referees
5-6 teams: at least 3 referees
Referees are not allowed to be a player and/or coach on the same day.

6.                  Entry fee
100.- EURO per team for IIA member federations.
200.- EURO per team for non-IIA member federations.
7.         Entry registration
7.1       For registration of entry, official forms which are distributed to all affiliated NF by the IIA General Secretariat at the required time have to be used.
7.2       The deadline for arrival at the General Secretariat is determined by the dates of the competitions, as follows:
7.2.1        Provisional registration, numbers of clubs
–          5 months before the start of the OJWCup
7.2.2    Definitive registration of delegation members and clubs
–     3 months before the start of the OJWCup
The entry fee has to be paid while sending the definitive registration.
7.2.3    Game Plan has to be sent from IIA to participating Federations
–     2,5 months before the start of the OJWCup
7.2.4    Nominative registration of referees
–           2 months before the start of the OJWCup
7.2.5    Nominative registration of players
            –     1 months before the start of the OJWCup
7.3       Alternations of the nominative lists of players
Alternations of the nominative lists are only possible in exceptional cases and must be authorised by the President of the TC.
Alternations will not be accepted later than 24 hours prior to the start of the competition.
7.4       All participants are provided with identity-cards by the OC.
8.         Competitions` Format
The OJWCup consist of the following competitions:
Women youth, Men youth, Mixed youth, Women junior, Men junior,
Mixed junior, (see p. 4)
9.         System of the Competitions
            It will be decided after the definitive registrations.
10.       Duration and time-schedule
The OJWCup is organised as follows:
Day 1: qualifications
Day 2: qualifications
Day 3: finals
11.       Technical Tasks
11.1          The TC-IIA is responsible for the technical organisation and running of the   competitions. They may appoint other persons or commissions to take care of special tasks.
11.2          Organisation, accomplishment and direction of the competitions comply with the Official Indiaca Rules and the Regulations for the Open Junior World Cup.
12.       Refereeing Corps
12.1          All referees must be holders of valid IIA licence for the corresponding cycle.
12.2          Each participating NF has the right to nominate referees fulfilling the requirements (see p.12.1). The appointment of the referees to each game is made by TC-IIA.
12.3          All referees have to participate in the referee meeting before to the competitions (see p.7.2.2 of these regulations).
12.4          Qualifications of the referees` are stated in the Official Indiaca Rules.
12.5          The TC will make the decision if extraordinary and unforeseen situations should occur.
13.      Winner’s Title
The winner team of the OJWCup is awarded with the title “Winner of the Open Junior World Cup Indiaca of Women/ Men / Mixed Team”.
14.      Cups
Awards are presented as follows:
1. Place: one Cup for team and one medal + diploma for each player and for coach
2. Place: one Minicup for team and one medal+diploma for each player and for coach
3. Place: one Minicup for team and one medal+diploma for each player and for coach
15.     Diplomas
15.1          The players and the coach of the three highest ranked team are awarded with a diploma containing forename, surname, name of Club, name of country and ranking.
15.2          All other competitors, members of delegations, present members of the IIA-Authorities, referees as well as members of the technical staff receive a souvenir diploma containing forename, surname, name of Club, name of country and the individual function.
16.       Score Sheets, Ranking Lists
16.1     The OC is obligated to distribute intermediate results during the competitions to the representatives of the IIA, press, radio, television and heads of delegations.
16.2     All parties mentioned above shall receive a copy of the complete results when the competition is completed.
17.       Responsibilities of the Organiser
17.1     The NF appointed by the IIA as organiser of the OJWCup is fully responsible for the organisation of the event and for establishing the local OC.
They carry out all the necessary practical work and cover the related expenses.
17.2     General obligations of the OC
The OC is responsible for a flawless running of the event, which includes the running of the competitions, the training sessions, the referee course and the necessary meetings.
To achieve this, the OC must strictly observe:
–          OJWCup Regulations of the IIA
–          Contract between IIA and the organising NF
–          Directions including in the contract
–          Decided agreements between OC and TC-IIA
18.       Financial Obligations
The organiser will cover all the expenses and obligations related to the running of the event, including the financial agreement defined in the contract between IIA and the responsible NF.
19.      Special Regulation
19.1     The Statutes of the IIA and the Official Indiaca Rules of the IIA will be applied in all situations which are not foreseen in these Regulations.
If extraordinary situations should occur, the necessary decisions will be made by the President of the TC in collaboration with the members of the TC and EC-IIA, who are present at the competitions.
19.2     All documents and informations concerning the OJWCup are published in English.
19.3     EC-IIA in collaboration with the TC-IIA has the right to make necessary modifications of the Official Indiaca Rules in order to improve the organisation and practical running of the OJWCup.
19.4     The drawing of clubs for qualification games must be done at least 2,5 months before OJWCup by TC.
This regulation will be valid from October 2008.
International Indiaca Association
The President                                      The President TC
Karlheinz Bührer                                 Luc Hagen