9th General Assembly of the IIA in Rozogi/Poland

This was held on 8th of August 2017 in Rozogi. The national federations have elected the new Executiv Committee for the new period from 2018-2021: Karlheinz Bührer, GER (President of the IIA), Andrus Novoseltsev, EST (President of TC and Vicepresident of the IIA), Christine Kocher Serena, SUI (Vicepresident), Paul Lion, LUX (Member of the EC).

Also the Technical Committee was elected by the Executive Committee as following: Einar Piir, EST (Member of the TC) and Priska Schenker, SUI (Member of the TC)

Also the Control Authority was elected: Mechtild Hörster, GER (President of the CA), Riina Kirber (Member of the CA).

Here are the participants of the General Assembly from Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Japan, Korea, Luxemburg, Poland and Switzerland.










Tokio Oshizuka, one of the founder of the IIA and Vicepresident sind the year 2000 was awarded as honorary member and received the medal of merit in gold, als well as Takayoshi Seto as member of the Technical Committee in the same time.

Here you can see the new honorary members of the IIA together with the President Karlheinz Bührer.